The Sheltowee Business Network works with partners who can provide value to our members.  The Sheltowee Business Network has multiple levels of partnerships.  We are continually seeking partners who can benefit our membership and add value to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem we are building (click here to learn about becoming a partner).  Below are some of our current partners.

Sheltowee LLC is the funding agent and owner of Business in a Box.  Sheltowee provides the custom services for Business in a Box.  These services include assisting with business plan development and fund raising.  Sheltowee is partnering with a premier equity crowd funder to provide a new path for raising equity funding.  Click here to learn more about Sheltowee.

Sustainable Business Ventures (SBV) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit social enterprise and partner with Sheltowee and Business in a Box.  Bobby Clark is the founder of SBV and is  passionate about helping difficult-to-employ individuals create their own jobs through self-employment and helping people in rural America. SBV manages the Kentucky Entrepreneur Network and provides content for Business in a Box on green business practices.