Business in a Box helps
build businesses.

Business in a Box is implementing systems
that are developed by highly experienced,
entrepreneurs to help people start and grow
their own businesses.

Starting a business
can be confusing.

Business in a Box can help explain
how to start your business,
and will save you a tremendous amount
of time, frustration and money

Business in a Box
will save you money.

Business in a Box helps you avoid
pitfalls that can be very expensive,
and helps you find valuable information
that can save you thousands.

Business in a Box was built
by REAL entrepreneurs.

If you are going to go into business
you want experienced people helping you.
BIAB founders are highly experienced
and will help guide you.

We help chart your course and are
with you every step of the way

Owning a business can be a lonely road.
Our experienced people are here to help you.
BIAB founders are highly experienced
and will help guide you.

Business in a Box is a platform for helping people start and grow businesses.  The platform has been built by experienced entrepreneurs and helps new business owners avoid expensive pitfalls.  Business in a box helps with business formation, strategic planning, business planning, marketing and finance. 

The first step to saving thousands of dollars and starting a new business is to sign up for our free webinar

Business in a Box is for...

People who are not happy where they are and starting a business may be right for them

People who know they would like to start a business and don't know where to start

Small business owners who need help getting to the next level

The average MBA costs
over $60,000 and is usually
taught by academics,
not business people

Learn to:

  1. Form your LLC
  2. Save money on taxes
  3. Write your business plan
  4. Market your product
  5. Raise capital
  6. Pursue your passion
  7. Make a difference
  8. Chart your own course
  9. Be your own boss
  10. Earn more money


Learn from people who have actually done it...

Business In A Box is growing an ecosystem for entrepreneurs that provides them with the resources they need to get to where they want to go. Business In A Box has developed a curriculum that is designed to get businesses up and running.  Along with this educational platform, we also provide access to resources and services.  Need to find financing?  We can help.  Need to find service providers? We can help.  Need to learn about new productivity tools that can help enhance your business.  We can help there too.  We can help you, but remember that you can help others too.  The feedback and information you give back, will help other entrepreneurs as they grow their business.    

Get real-time feedback and guidance...

You can learn from a professor....who has never done it.  You can learn from a bureaucrat...who has never done it.  Or you can learn from entrepreneurs who have been there and done it.  An entrepreneur is someone who assumes the risk.  Lots of people like to talk about it, and teach people how to do it.  But most of those people have never done it themselves.  The founders of Business In A Box have ALL been there and done it.  We have assumed the risks and we have had great triumphs...and great defeats.  But in the true spirit of entrepreneurism, we never gave up.  

Get support from a like-minded community...

As a member of Business In A Box, you will have access to training and workshops from entrepreneurs who have assumed the risk and gained tremendous experience.  Will Rogers said that good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.  Let some of our "experience" prevent some of your "bad judgement".  Join risk free and see what valuable information we have to share.